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Long Range Plan Hole #4
Update #9 | October 28, 2018

  • We’re expecting to install the sand into the bunkers and spread the remaining topsoil this week. Grant’s staff will cover the new sand with tarps for the winter.
  • The irrigation guys pulled out on Friday. Prior to leaving, it was determined there are two weak areas that may require a couple extra sprinkler heads. Considering the complex drainage piping system and the irrigation that is already installed, we prefer addressing the situation in the spring when a wire locator will be on site to insure we don't hit any other lines.
  • A satellite controller was moved from old #4 to the new #4. Although wiring for individual heads has been run to the controller, final hook-ups will be done in the spring.
  • We will be erecting a snow fence in the landing area of the present #4 in order to keep golf balls out of the new site as it grows in next season. We're hoping to play the old hole from the present tees during the grow in.  The fence will not go up until spring, no need to capture additional snow in an already moisture sensitive area.  The perimeter of the site other than the fenced area will have ropes put up in order to keep all traffic out.

Long Range Plan Hole #4
Update #8 October 19, 2018

Although Charlie Goodwin and the Goodwin Golf Construction team wasn't on site this week, there was still a lot of action at the project.

  • Regarding the topsoil shortage of last update: A ton of time was spent trying to source out some product.  Although we budgeted for screened topsoil, the amount just wasn't enough to cover the shortage. In consultation with Gary Browning, we chose to purchase unscreened product. It will be a little more difficult to work with, but Charlie Goodwin is confident he has the right equipment to lay it down and produce an adequate seed bed. 
  • The sand was also delivered this week. So basically, there were two different companies with a ton of trucks delivering two different products to be stockpiled in two different spots in a very small location.  The goal was to make as small a footprint (damage) as possible on a basically finished site.  Although there is some wheel damage that will have to be addressed when the Goodwin team returns, the products were dumped where they were supposed to be.
  • To add to Grant’s hectic world even more, our costly compressor was on site and running, and lines were being blown out.
  • The irrigation guys are scheduled to be on site Monday to do the hook-ups of the new system to the old. As well a satellite controller is to be moved from old #4 to #5 and new wiring to the heads connected.  During the blow-out we noticed some irrigation short comings in the tee complex area that needed addressing.  We were expecting some challenges considering we're trying to reuse a lot of components from the old system.
  • We are expecting to install the sand and spread the topsoil this coming week. The sand will be hauled to the individual bunkers via small tractor and trailer (foot print) and be put in place with a mini excavator from outside the bunker. The topsoil will be spread into place using a bulldozer again.
  • Although still hoping for a fall completion yet, cart path paving will likely have to wait until spring.
  • Grant’s crew continues to do some work around the perimeter of the site.  Thanks Grant and crew!

Long Range Plan Hole #4
Update #7 | October 12, 2018

  • All of the stockpiled topsoil has been spread over the majority of the project area. Unfortunately, we've run short resulting in a large area remaining uncovered.  Although we budgeted for this being a possibility the amount won't cover the projected requirement. Our contractor is aware, obviously disappointed and very concerned.  We are pursuing alternative options.
  • The contractor has finished installing the drainage into the bunkers and we were hoping to have the sand on site to install while they were here but no such luck.  The sand will be delivered Monday.  Should the project area remain wet and soft, the sand will be stockpiled in the parking lot and hauled to the site via tractor and trailer.  It will be spread using an excavator outside the perimeter of the bunkers.
  • Grant and his grounds crew also completed any repairs to irrigation components outside the project area that happened to get damaged or changed during construction.
  • We would very much like to get the cart paths paved this fall if contractors can fit us in.

Long Range Plan Hole #4
Update #6 | October 5, 2018

  • There's a few extra bodies on the construction crew the last few days. They've come from Alberta where they've been snowed out.
  • The irrigation installation is basically complete and will be hooked up to the existing system once we've completed the blow out. A few surprises, but nothing Grant and his crew couldn’t handle.
  • The topsoil is finally being spread across the site and the features are really beginning to show. The crew had to remove all the tarps off the new tees in order to complete the transition zone between topsoil and root zone mix.
  • Further discussion was had, a decision was made, and the drainage will be installed into the bunkers and the edging completed this fall.
  • The base gravel for the asphalt paths is being leveled, however we're not sure whether the paving will get done yet this fall. Most contractors are busy this time of year finishing jobs much bigger than ours.

Long Range Plan Hole #4
Update #5 | September 28, 2018

  • All the irrigation materials have arrived (pipe, wire, etc.), and the install is well on its way. We are able to reuse some of the materials from Old #4.
  • Because they're excavating trenches for pipe rather than plowing, they are bringing up a lot of rock.  Rather than replace these larger rocks, Grant and his crew will be going onto the work site occasionally to remove them. The trenches will be filled in two lifts and will be tamped in between each lift to minimize settling.
  • Once everything is in the ground, a controller off the old #4 will be moved closer to the site and wire connections made.  Final mainline hook-ups will take place after the irrigation system is blown out.

Long Range Plan Hole #4
Update #4 | September 21, 2018

  • Yes, there are still some low areas.  They're necessary to create contours; however, all the low areas will have proper catch basins and an elaborate drainage system to carry water away.  That said, the majority of the drainage catch basins, main lines and laterals are in the ground and functioning well, as we see water discharging into the pond on #9.  There is one more catch basin to be installed.  All drainage lines have had a tracer wire run alongside them in the event we need to locate them at a later date. 
  • Drainage lines will not be installed into the bunkers until spring when the sand is on site. There is a fear the pea stone will get contaminated with blowing dirt through the winter. We have chosen to create one large feature bunker on the right-hand side rather than two smaller ones as originally planned, due to the following reasons:
    • A second bunker would require considerably more elevation (fill) to be visible;
    • One large bunker is easier to install drainage in;
    • One large bunker is always more efficient/easier to maintain than two. 
  • The green site has had drainage lines and pea stone layer installed throughout the entire putting area. They are presently putting down the root zone mix, and we expect them to be done today.  The putting surface will be tarped over winter as not to lose any mix to the wind. 
  • There are 4 drainage lines sticking out into the air at the rear of the green. These will be cut down to surface level once the topsoil is in place and will have caps on the end.  They are meant to be flush out lines to clean out the drainage lateral lines in the green.
  • Base gravel is being installed adjacent to the tee complexes. Prior to the gravel going down Grant and his staff to put down a layer of gio-textile matting. Considering the historically high water levels in the area, he felt it would be a layer of protection from ground movement which could potentially compromise the integrity of the asphalt.  This matting was left over from a previous project.
  • The contractor has recommended not to install the edging around the bunkers until spring.  He'd rather wait until the drainage and sand is installed, that is, those processes will be easier with no edging.  This is being discussed to possibly find another approach to their installation.
  • Our previous communication indicated that we expected the irrigation installation to have begun by now. Unfortunately, there is presently a serious shortage of pipe and finding the quantity we required was a challenge. We have now been informed that the pipe will be on site Wednesday, as will the installers. The main line hook-ups to the present system will not take place until the present system is blown out.
  • The top soil will be put back in place immediately following the irrigation installation.
  • According to Grant, our consult Gary Browning and his crew have been super guys to work with, true professionals at what they do.
  • Cross your fingers the weather cooperates. 

Long Range Plan Hole #4
Update #2 September 14, 2018

  • The construction crew is close to completing  the drainage mainline installation. Next will be tying in the smaller lateral lines and catch basins.
  • Because we may not be putting any sand in the bunkers this fall, they are considering completing their drainage in the spring, as there is a concern that the exposed pipe make get contaminated by blowing dirt over the winter.  There will be more discussion on that before a final decision is made.
  • The irrigation was flagged out on Wednesday. The entire project area is a very unusual space so figuring out sprinkler placement and pipe size took a little longer than anticipated.  It is important the irrigation installation is consistent with our approach on the installation in 2010.
  • Although the weather has been brutal, the construction crew figures they are on pace as normal regardless of the conditions.  A few of the guys have to go to their Pinebrooke job in Calgary for the weekend but are returning Monday with more guys to get started on the irrigation.
  • Depending on where in the project space they are working will determine our decision to use the regular tees or the temporary Par 3 ones.

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